Saturday, November 10, 2007

destination; reaching #23 or is there any more to learn in this journey?

what a journey.... I must say that I did not expect what I am jumping in and most of all I wasn't sure that how much I will learn through this program. a push, a warning a note and most of all, an encouragement from some of my colleagues made me to begin this learning and I am glad that I did it. working with this new technology from downloading the pictures from my camera on flickr,to music on my mp3 player, to read an on line downloadable book through gutenberg project, to read some of my other colleagues' blogs and laughing and sometimes thinking about what did they just say?.... to some other wonderful websites that I could put on my blog and use them everyday and so on......
It made me to think that being part of this on going, ever changing world of information and technology is a "Blessing". at the beginning of this task, when I listened to 7 1/2 habits of lifelong learners, I had more confidence in my learning since I am an unusual learner as my friends call me because of daring to learn some odd subjects in my life, but after a while, when I went through each steps of this journey, I became phobic, less confident, disappointed and finally challenged and got more perseverance in my accomplishments and..... yes I did it, I learned more, laughed more, disappointed more and learned more again. now I talk about it more, and try to challenge my friends and also my family to use this system more (which I consider it as part of my customer service job to help and teach others as well as myself)
at the end of this journey,I must say that I am alittle sad to finish this and on the other, I am glad that my technology phobia didn't defeat me and I learned how to achieve my goals.

#2 life long learner's habits or long live learning?

I always thought that I am a life long learner more or less, but listening to this AV program presented by Charlotte County public library, gave me a broader idea of how much keeping this habit of learning can have a deep impact of our personality in several aspects and how much it can reveal the different resonance of ourselves. no matter what we learn or how we learn, I think as long as that learning is not just a task to do, but want to learn and enjoying to learn and sharing this learning with others, can be as valuable as life.

#22, Gutenberg project

well, I must admit that I had already downloaded some of the audiobooks through our lib website long time ago, and I found it more convenient than other sites, although project gutenberg was new to me and I was able to download one of it's text on my computer as a practice and also something fun to learn. the point is, this site didnot ask me alot of questions that I didn't know, and it didn't limit me to choose some options which was easy enough for the first try.


Friday, November 9, 2007


whenever my daughter sits by the computer and checks the youtube, she is always looking for animals and especially hamsters which are sometimes very funny, so here is one of those which derived me crazy to down load it, and finally I could download it!!!!

#21, podcast

I tried to set up podcast on my yahoo account, but unfortunately it's feeder did not accept to be at yahoo, so I decided to put that site on my bloglines bookmark and now here it is:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

#19 And..... the award nominees go to:
Be green now
Library Thing
I must say that I use most of my favorite sites almost everyday or at least few times a week, but was very much new to me, because helping to have a balanced environment, is one of my personal values and I try to teach that to my kid too. This new site may help me to keep this value, greener.

#18 online productivity

I think that learning how to use wikis and editing that site in addition to using the different software versions of excel spreadsheet and this exclusive details of zoho writer is a blast!!! as the matter of fact, I prefer using wikis, since it is more popular and accessible. but zoho can be considered as more inclusive way of communication and documentation for all the team of librarians and not the public. in general I don't think that I will use zoho writer in my job, since I am satisfied with wikis and some other sites.